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Youtube: My Organic Anti-Acne Regimen

Do you struggle with Acne? OR, are you one of those who are looking for an acne regimen that does not involve harsh chemicals? Well look no more (Please pardon the advertisement and marketing jargon)!

I have decided to relaunch my youtube channel being that it may be useful for something that I can help the public with…also, I do…

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Let me add a disclaimer that I fell from this pose a good FIFTY or MORE times before I was able to make it presentable enough for a picture. Which is why I love this Martha Graham quote so much:

I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. In each, it is the performance of a…

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The Necessity of Pain


In my previous post, I decided to be transparent about my latest breakthrough in yoga, in terms of facing painful areas of my life that were long removed from the tears that had surfaced during my workout.

I stumbled across this quote that resonated with me, and may resonate with many of you as well. I hope that it encourages you:

You can’t abandon life just because it’s scary, and just because…

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Facing the Pain - A Yoga Breakthrough

Today I cried during yoga. Allow me to share my thoughts on vulnerability, and facing those areas in life that we sometimes leave covered…for far too long.


Today I cried during yoga.

I suppose this is a milestone in the yogi rite-of-passage being that when I decided to google it, it turns out this is pretty normal in the process of a yoga breakthrough. I must admit, it did perplex me at first being that yoga usually makes me centered and clear headed. This is not to say I was not centered and clear headed during today’s workout. I guess that is…

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